Structural Group Unfairness: Measurement and Mitigation by means of the Effective Resistance

We define three metrics of the group information power (social capital) in a network based on effective resistance (spectral graph theory). We propose also three metrics of social capital unfairness (structural group unfairness) and a heuristic to mitigate it.

FairShap: A Data Re-weighting Approach for Algorithmic Fairness based on Shapley Values

FairShap, i.e. Fair Shapley Values, is a family of data valuation functions for Algorithmic Fairness based on Game Theory which can be used as a novel, interpretable, pre-processing and model-agnostic (re-weighting) method for fair algorithmic decision-making.

DiffWire: Inductive Graph Rewiring via the Lovász Bound

Theoretical and empirical framework to analyze and perform graph rewiring in a principled way. Also, proposal of calulation of Commute Times (resistance) in a GNN layer and Bottleneck minimizarion using Spectral gradients.

Computer Science doctoral research in Spain. A relational perspective

Understanding and measuring the scientific structure of the computer Science field in Spain.

Network analysis of co-participation in thesis examination committees in an academic field in Spain

Graph statistical analysis to unveil the informal structure of the knowledge area of business organization in Spain using TESEO database.

Unveiling the informal structure of an academic field in Spain. A network analysis.

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